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Gal Moyal & Co. Law Office - Firm Profile

The firm was established in 2005 by Gal Moyal, attorney at law. Gal gained extensive experience over the years in providing legal services which encompass commercial, civil, administrative, and real estate law. The firm is of dynamic character, manifested by its constant expanding to new professional horizons and respective clients.


The firm provides consulting services and legal representation, including litigation in all judicial tribunals of Israel. Service to individual private clients and Companies is provided in various civil/commercial law oriented issues including: corporate, cooperatives, planning and construction, environment, labor, contract and civil law, real estate transactions, financial claims, bankruptcy and torts – the latter with specific expertise in the field of disabled IDF veterans.


The firm works in collaboration with two external law firms in Israel, one with expertise in family law and the other in bankruptcy and labor law. Additionally, the firm maintains professional collaborations with two law firms in New York, one that deals with surrogacy and adoption and the other with real estate.


The firm is built and prepared to provide highly professional litigation services, with emphasis on personal approach and adjustment to the specific requirements of each client, either directly or through consultancy with external experts.


The firm actively strives to provide the widest possible variety of creative solutions to clients, maximizing the options to achieve agreed solutions between the parties during litigation or before litigation. This is done by taking into consideration the personal, commercial and legal aspects relevant to the client in order to reduce his risks during legal proceedings and upraise his chances, whether as a plaintiff or as a defendant.


The firm combines professional experience in a variety of disciplines with a special emphasis on personal approach and uncompromised, high quality level of services to each and every client.